1. I am finally 20, born on January 31st.
  2. This makes me an Aquarius and I fit the description to a tee.
  3. I’m studying Communications (Video) and Studio Art (Printmaking).
  4. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs.
  5. If I don’t wake up and follow the same routine every morning, my day is doomed.
  6. I never wear socks, and if I happen to break this rule, they are one of two pairs I wear.
  7. Many people think I’m a natural redhead and I even lie sometimes…but it comes from a box.
  8. I’ve always been a long-term relationship kind of person, but I think deep inside I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have a fling.
  9. I can’t leave the house without my iPod and planner.
  10. My driver’s license still says I’m under 5 feet—and it’s right.
  11. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 17.
  12. I got my second tattoo on a whim.
  13. I still can’t get shots, but have had piercings and tattoos that hurt much worse.
  14. I have a television, but I don’t have cable.
  15. I would skip work, school, and any other previous commitments to go to a Phillies game any day.
  16. I drive a station wagon after demolishing my beloved VW Jetta.
  17. I work for a college admissions office and never have anything to do (which lets me do things like this)
  18. I’ve traveled to Asia.
  19. I tend to start many things but never really follow through with any of them.
  20. I like to think of myself as an artistic person, but sometimes fear others think I’m trying too hard.
  21. I had an eating disorder.  This is mostly taken care of.
  22. Despite the eating problems, I love anything sweet.
  23. I have studied dance since I was a kid because my mother realized I was entirely uncoordinated and sports just were not my thing.
  24. My mornings are better when they involve a trip to Wawa.
  25. I still sleep with two blankets I’ve had since the day I was born.
  26. As of 2009, I finally subscribe to a magazine that doesn’t include “girl” in the title.
  27. My family used to raise chickens.
  28. I went skinny dipping for my first (and only) time in India.
  29. I went to Catholic school for nine years.
  30. I’m the oldest, but I look like the youngest.
  31. I always wonder what would happen if I applied to the college of my dreams.
  32. I plan things.  Way far in ahead.
  33. I love spontaneous plans, as long as someone else springs them on me.
  34. I love making stuff.  Art stuff, food, pretty much anything.
  35. If there’s nothing to do on a Friday night, you can typically find me with Mare strolling the local mall with a pretzel in hand.
  36. I’m cold. Constantly.
  37. I can play the violin, clarinet, bass clarinet, and most percussion instruments—except a drum kit.
  38. I have a hard time saying no to people.
  39. I’ve always wanted to act on Broadway, but I can’t sing to save my life.
  40. I worry my kids will be messed up because of decisions I will make.
  41. I regret not going to Scotland my freshman year of college.
  42. Sometimes I see other people and wish I could be friends with them without actually ever speaking to them.
  43. My best thinking happens in the shower.
  44. I have trouble pronouncing any word that has a double “o” or an “r”.
  45. I was in a car accident 2 weeks after I got my driver’s license and all I could worry about was my face being messed up for my senior picture.
  46. I want to hold five different jobs in my lifetime:  work for a sweet design firm, do art direction for films, work with a non-profit, teach art or communications at a college, and help with production for a major network.
  47. I’m nearly blind in my left eye.
  48. I’ve never had a serious injury or been in the hospital.
  49. I love cats more than the normal person.
  50. Guys who can play music make me weak in the knees.
  51. I wish I could be friends with the people from Ace of Cakes.
  52. I love yellow.
  53. I hate Halloween, but had the coolest costume in high school (I was a sandwich).
  54. I am a packrat.
  55. In the summertime, I hardly wear anything but dresses and skirts.
  56. I ride my bike to work when the weather is warm.
  57. I have never had friends my own age.
  58. I tend to take on more than I can handle.
  59. I love to organize things.
  60. I constantly compare myself to others.  This is my worst trait.
  61. I can’t swim.
  62. I can’t whistle.
  63. I love shoes, but tend to wear the same three pairs.
  64. I constantly second guess myself.
  65. I make up elaborate dialogues with myself when I’m home alone.
  66. I enjoy doing laundry.
  67. I would like to live in a city, but not forever.
  68. The man I marry will have to love crappy television and sappy movies to win me over.
  69. I still make wishes at 11:11.
  70. It is impossible for me to keep my clothing folded in my drawers.
  71. I’m deathly afraid of anything that goes in my nose.
  72. I throw away old love letters, but save text messages.
  73. I wear sunglasses because of an eye disorder.
  74. My favorite childhood movie was The Hoboken Chicken Emergency and no one seems to know about this film but me.
  75. The only kind of meat I ever miss is chicken fingers.  Mostly because of dipping sauces.
  76. The word “panties” freaks me out.
  77. I hate driving on the turnpike.
  78. I’ve had a million part time jobs.
  79. I am a terrible liar.
  80. I bruise very easily.
  81. I like grocery shopping but would skip putting things away.
  82. I judge people based on their email addresses.
  83. I wish I was more proficient in a second language.
  84. I’m $30,000+ in debt and I question if it’s worth it.
  85. I get extremely excited when my blog gets more than five visits in a day.
  86. I enjoy non-fiction much more than fiction (pretty much my downfall of being an English major).
  87. I pick wheat over white.
  88. I’d rather go out for lunch than dinner.
  89. My friends think I like girls.  I still don’t understand why.
  90. I have two middle names:  Marie Anastasia.
  91. I like to take long walks at night during the summertime.
  92. My favorite parts about living near Philadelphia are the train and soft pretzels.
  93. I’ve always wanted to break my leg so I can have crutches.
  94. I get really mean when I’m sick.
  95. I ran track in high school.  I was terrible.
  96. I think about my childhood pets at least once a week.
  97. I lived in three different houses growing up.
  98. I wish I had a cooler heritage.
  99. I’d rather be busy over bored.
  100. I was raised Catholic but question my beliefs.
  101. I have trouble letting people go.

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