When you wake up at 7 with every intention of showering and needing that hour in between the time you opened your eyes til you get in the car, you’re pretty disappointed when you are finished getting ready and notice that it’s only 7:26.  So here I sit after packing my lunch (doesn’t this sound slightly third grade-esque to you?) and figuring out what I need for the day.  Tuesdays are going to be work from 8:30-3pm til dance starts again, then lab from 3-4:30, and class again at 7.  Yes, it’s going to be a mighty long day for me, but it beats having to squeeze in work on most other days.  

First day back went well.  Science and Civ might actually be easier for me this semester, Short Films has a fun group of people so that alone makes it better, and Printmaking is, well, Printmaking.  That alone excites me.  We’re going to head into the city this week to get our supplies and then I’ll finally feel like things have really begun.  Spending $100-some dollars on stuff that will be gone in the blink of an eye always makes me feel as though some really work has started.

Lately I’ve noticed how odd my days feel.  Somewhere between home and school I’ve felt very mixed up about how to split myself evenly between everything I’m involved with.  It’s not as though I feel overwhelmed; I’m only two days into the semester.  It’s just a completely not understood place where I feel as though there needs to be two of me to get the job done right. There’s some sort of difference in the way I operate at home versus what goes on outside of the door.  Maybe I’m just losing it (hopefully not already) but I’m hoping it settles down.  

Til then, I’m off to conquer the mound of forms on the desk at work and tour guide.  Woo!