I just have this feeling..

January 14, 2009

The other day I was driving to my friend’s apartment and we got into talking about my blog.  Not about the content, just merely the fact that she reads it every once in awhile.  I complained that I feel as though this blog, while I enjoy it, sucks because it either A) turns into a bitchfest which is kind of stereotypical of blogs, B) isn’t really worth reading and my lame attempts at being funny don’t succeed or C) just makes me look more stupid than I really am.  Now, for the three people who read this every day (or the one person who visits three times), I really can’t understand it.  The other day I had 18 views which, for me, is a lot.  I rarely talk about anything substantial, but instead just kind of ramble about my day, the stuff I have to do, and how I don’t want to do the dishes that are piling up in our kitchen.  I don’t tackle tough issues in our world, I don’t have anything wise to say, I just flat out spew the stuff that’s inside my head out onto my laptop every afternoon.  Maybe this is interesting to someone–if it is, I’d love to know who you are exactly–but I’m trying to instead just make this something I do for me.  I really don’t have many of those sorts of things, but I’m taking an active role in actually doing stuff because I want to, not someone else.  I’m really good at letting other people tell me what I should do and just kind of taking a supporting role in my life.  I’ve learned that this just leads to  lot of disappointment and missing out. I figure this is probably the best way to operate.

Taping tonight, off tomorrow.. it’s a wonderful feeling.